Twitter account suspended!


I’ve never dealt with something like this before, so I don’t know why it happened or how long it will take to fix it. I don’t think that I actually violated any rules, so I think I will probably be back up and running … sometime… argh… ok.

That’s too bad, we were just getting to know each other!

If you have advice for me, comment below or contact me at stonefoxcerebri at gmail.


2 thoughts on “Twitter account suspended!

  1. Whoa, what the hell? Did they say why? Do you know what triggered it?

    • No idea. Either my following activity somehow resembled a follow bot (does not seem likely) or a couple of people hit the report spam button? (not nice!) The other possible violations required someone to step forward as an injured party and provide evidence. I’m back up now, actually. No notification, just reappeared as suddenly as it had vanished. I hope to have a new post out tonight.

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